Drunk Grilled Cheese



You just got in from a night of binge drinking. After party is at your place and everyone is looking for some shitty food to go with their shitty choices tonight. I bring you: The most disgusting/delicious thing i’ve ever concocted while drunk…and It. Is. Awesome.


Bread (whatever you have on hand)
Old cheddar cheese
Kraft Singles
Left over KD
Loads of Jalapeno chips by Presidents Choice
Salt and pepper


Butter each side of two slices of bread. Pop her into a frying pan on medium high heat. You’ll want both slices in the pan since this is a very thick grilled cheese and likely wont warm through if you dont get it at least started on both slices at the beginning.
Place a kraft single and some of the old cheddar onto one slice. sprinkle with salt and pepper. Top the other slice with your leftover KD, a few chips, and the srirracha to taste. (or drench it in it, like I do)

let that heat through until the cheese starts to melt. Take both slices, slap em together and devour.

Protip: Dip this in ketchup. Were eating a disgusting monstrosity of a sandwhich, dont be fancy about it.

And thats it! your drunk ass will SO thank you in the moment, and hate you the next day. Kind of like the choices you made tonight. Have fun!


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